About Us

Life Chip offers whole living organism experiment automation with a high-throughput, large-scale study platform that is tailored for tracing the dose responses of Zebrafish larvae (whole living organism) in time course experiments. Our instruments utilize microfluidic technology and automatic image acquisition to eliminate the tedious manual handling in whole living organism research, effectively increase the speed of experimentation and the reliability of resulting data.

Our Belief

As the pace of scientific research increases exponentially, Life Chip Ltd. believes that it is imperative to provide effective solutions to address the needs of the multifaceted research areas.

Our Vision

To help our customers accelerate their research with accurate results and effectiveness.

Our Team

Our core team possesses a multidisciplinary background with over 10 years of experience covering microfluidics, high-throughput drug screening, biochip technology, in vivo testing and pharmacology. A team formed by people with different backgrounds is able to analyze the same problem from different point of views, putting Life Chip at a unique advantage to address a broad range of issues.

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